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LASTOLITE LL LR83302 Skylite Rapid Cover Extra large 3 x 3m Black Velour

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LL LR83302


  • Creates a huge negative fill area for ultimate control of light
  • Great for blocking or masking light
  • Ideal for photo and video applications
  • Black Velour now available in all size Skylite Rapid sizes
  • Made in the UK
The EXTRA LARGE Black Velour cover expands the versatility of the existing 3m x 3m Skylite frame, the largest panel in the range offering a huge working area for ultimate control of the light. Too big to be hand held, this panel is ideally supported on stands (using the optional Griphead connector LL LA8446). As a mask, the Black Velour panel can be used to block or flag unwanted ambient light from the scene or subject, such as a window light or intense daylight that cannot be moved or switched off. Alternatively, the 3m x 3m Black Velour can also be used as a negative fill using the Black Velour surface to decrease the effect of ambient light creating a more dramatic contrasting tonal balance or to create or increase shadow areas. The 3 x 3m Black Velour sits alongside the existing 1.25 stop and 0.75 stop diffuser covers of the same size. Skylite Rapid The Skylite Rapid panels are the go to solution for location imagemakers who need to diffuse, block, subtract or reflect their light source even in the most demanding situations. The lightweight, rapid assembly aluminium rigid frame offers ultimate stability even in windy conditions, whilst the fast clip on covers offer a range of diffusion and reflective/non reflective surfaces. Each framework collapses down into a neat, compact and very portable rigid carry case. The Skylite range is available in 5 sizes: SMALL 1.1m x 1.1m (3’6” x 3’6”) MEDIUM 1.1m x 2m (3’6” x 6’6”) MIDI at 1.5m x 1.5m (5’ x 5’) LARGE 2m x 2m (6’6” x 6’6”) EXTRA LARGE at 3m x 3m (10’ x 10’)
 Country of origin = United Kingdom

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