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Aputure Fresnel 2X Bowens Mount for Aputure Light Storm 120D & 300D

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key Features
  • 6″ Lens Diameter
  • Dual Lens Design Boosts Output
  • Beam Spread Variable from 12 to 40°
  • Exclusively for LS C120d, C120dII, C300d
  • Aputure Fresnel 2X Bowens Mount


    Fresnel 2X – Intensify Your Light

    Brighter Than Ever

    The original Aputure Fresnel was an integral part of film making lighting kits. But we weren’t satisfied until we achieved perfection. So, after user feedback and groundbreaking research and design, we created the Fresnel 2X. The new design features dual optical elements, a larger 6” front Fresnel lens, improved ventilation, and minimized light leaks, making this the ultimate Bowens Mount Fresnel.



    Dual Lens Optical Design

    The Fresnel 2X features a dual lens design. The rear lens focuses and magnifies the beam onto the larger 6” front Fresnel lens, this achieves zero light waste. Our dual lens optical design makes the Fresnel 2X twice powerful as the original Aputure Fresnel, and makes the 120D II up to 14 times brighter, breathing new life into your lights.

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    New Rotating Design

    By utilizing a new rotating barrel design, the Fresnel 2X creates an intuitive user experience,similar to a camera lens. The smooth focus throw gives users an ability to accurately finesse the beam angle of their light source, allowing you to easily spot or flood your light with a simple twist.

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    Versatility & Portability

    The Fresnel 2X is adaptable to any situation. With its Bowens Mount design, this fresnel can be attached to a myriad of lights. The 7” front ring accepts the Aputure Barndoors, meaning your light shaping options are endless. With the included carrying case, the Fresnel 2X can easily follow you, wherever your shoots may take you.


    Dimension:   180 × 180 × 141mm / 7 × 7 × 5.5′
    Weight:          1.24kg / 2.73lbs
    Beam angle:  12 – 40°
                                     country of origin =China

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