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Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On Camera LED Video Light

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Key Features

  • 256 LEDs with 45° Beam Angle
  • 3200 to 9500K Output
  • 1500 Lux Brightness at 3.3′
  • 1 to 100% Dimming
  • CRI/TLCI Rating of 95
  • Accurate Stepless
    Brightness Controls

    The Amaran AL-F7 offers an advanced output readout that includes
    stepless controls all the way to 1% (8 lux @ 0.5m, 3200K), allowing
    for extremely fine-tuning of your light for shooting in environments
    that require very precise lighting scenarios.

    Brightness Range up to

    8.3 Aperture Stops(1 :326)

    Illuminance is tested at 0.5m and is measured
    by a SEKONIC L-508

    Minimum Illuminance:

    8 lux @0.5m, 3200k

    Illuminance is tested at 0.5m and is measured
    by a SEKONIC L-508.


    Brightness Comes
    in a Small Package  

    Ultra-Wide Color
    Temperature Range

    The Amaran AL-F7 has a super wide range of 3200K-9500K, allowing
    you to have more choices for a wide range of shooting conditions.
    This expanded bicolor option also means that the light’s absolute
    maximum output will be right at 5500K, or perfect daylight.

    Lightweight and Portable

    The Amaran AL-F7 weighs only 260g, or just over half a pound.
    There is a 1/4 screw thread built-in on each of the three sides
    of the light, making the F7 an extremely versatile light to be
    used in various settings. In addition, a hot-shoe mounting ball
    head and a canvas bag are also included in the package.

    Color Rendering

    High Color Rendering

    CRI >95

    TLCI >95

    CQS >95


    • 1% Brightness(@0.5m)

      3200K : 8lux
      5600K : 18lux
      9500K : 8lux

    • 100% Brightness(5500K)

      0.3m : ≥14000lux
      0.5m : ≥5500lux
      1.0m : ≥1500lux
      2.0m : ≥400lux
      3.0m : ≥180lux


    • LED Beads : 256 high-CRI LED Beads
    • Beam Angle : 45°
    • Color Temperature : 3200K-9500K
    • Power Consumption : 15W(Max)
    • Compatible Battery : Sony NP-F Series Battery
    • Battery Life : ≥3H(100% Brightness, with Sony NP-F970 )
    • Power Supply Via USB Type-C 1 : 5V/2A
    • Port : Type-C port(For Power Supply Only) D-tap port

    Dimension and Fixture

    • Dimension : 158*87*34mm
    • Weight : 260g
    •                                  country of origin =China

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