FO2 started on 10th October 2019 with an objective of being a Photographers buddy, rather than a marketplace. For us, it has always been about solving the issues this industry is facing.
In the last 12 months, we have seen many ups and downs. We have successfully delivered 1000s of products to our customers. But, unfortunately, we have also had some problems on a few deliveries. From complete lockdowns to containment zones, from out of stock to unavailability of product, whichever may be the reason, we are extremely sorry for the delay/non delivery, to all those customers. Let us assure you that we are working round the clock to improve our service every day.

Being in an e-commerce industry, we get surprised every day with the geographical spread of our customer base. We have successfully delivered our products to more than 600 cities across India. From smallest of villages in Sikkim to the Bigger Metros, we are now a family of over 3 Lac+ Photographers. 

We launched FO2 stage on 7th Feb 2020, with an idea of bringing forth stories of people behind the camera. We have now published 26 extra ordinary stories of ordinary Individuals who have fought against all odds to fulfill their dreams. We hope that these stories will connect with every aspiring photographer out there, helping him to reach out to his goals.

We also want to take this moment to thank the amazing team that we have at our office (which we consider more of a Home). They have been working round the clock, to make sure everything is on the right track & working smoothly. From getting products delivered on time, to managing customer calls, chats & whatnot. We are sure it would have been equally tough for them. We really really appreciate the way they have accepted the challenges and worked through these difficult times. We are all, because of them.

As a return gift on our birthday, we are launching the “HOW2FO2”, a video feature about specific tips that will help you improve your photography skills. Short videos on varied topics such as How to light your studio, to trends in photography, to duties of a cinematographer to importance of sound and audio etc. We would love to have your feedback on these videos so that we can improve our quality and content as we move along slowly towards our 2nd birthday ;-)

We thank you all for your trust and support. 
We hope to continue being your first choice, for anything that you may require, in building your photography business.
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Updated on : 10/10/2020