Mumbai- A City that never sleeps

Mumbai - A City that never sleeps.

It has been through a lot. Riots, Bomb blasts, terrorist attacks and what not! Fallen, bruised, cut but always got up again. In a matter of few hours or max a day. Life returns to normal.

Not his time though. It has never ever been so empty before. For days. A micro-organism that cannot be seen, has made the whole city locked down. Bollywood cut-off, Corporates temporarily shut, Markets closed and Everyone except for Doctors, Police and cleaners are stuck in their homes. People are suffering. We are all living our worst nightmare.

It's shocking how the most populated city in the country is now empty and paralyzed.

Bent? Yes.
Bruised? Yes.
Broken? No

Because Mumbai is beyond the overpopulated or now the empty trains. It's beyond the deafening rush or the deadly silence. It is beyond the high rise towers and the crater-like potholes.

It is a Spirit. One that goes far beyond colour / creed / race / gender / age / language. It an experience that grows on you. It a feeling that stays with you wherever you go. You can take a Mumbaikar away from Mumbai. You cannot take Mumbai away from a Mumbaikar.

Today, we bring to you the silence of Mumbai.
The silence is our protest / our fight against this virus.

The silence that goes beyond words and depicts the hard work and sacrifice of our front liners. The emptiness of those suffering and their loved ones. The patience of those confined in 4 walls.

In this time of the pandemic, we look at the bright side. The city is cleansing itself. Nature and Animals restoring their faith towards the city. Streets breathing clean air!

Of course, these are hard times and we all need to stay together by staying apart.

Let the Spirit of Mumbai give us the strength to our superheroes to fight the virus. Patience to others to stay apart and yet to-gether. Love to help each other and the ones in need, including animals.

Thank you Anurag Dutta for sharing these Photographs with Team FO2

We will rise again.
Together, Stronger
Team fo2 with all Mumbaikars

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