Why is photography a good career choice?

Photography hits differently to every photographer in a good way. It evolves you as a person, as a boss, as a negotiator, and most importantly as an artist. You are entering into a world which has so much to offer you, it’s up to you how much you can grab.
If you are wondering what photography can offer you, here’s everything you need to know.

Capture a memory for the lifetime: The main motive of photography is to capture something that is happening in that instant. The sole purpose of photography is to capture memories that last forever and you get to create those memories. You will always be remembered for those memories.

You get to explore a lot: Since photography is not limited to a single kind of genre, you get to explore the whole wide field before you find out your true interest. You may be shooting for weddings or commercials but if your interest lies in wildlife photography, your exploration will take you to your true destination.

Tell a story: As you have found your true path into photography, you will always find a way to express a story in your pictures. Leave the essence of yourself in every picture you take as they will be your representation for a long time. Don’t leave your pictures abandoned without silent words.

The client will buy your story: Everyone likes to see something fresh. Even if your client has briefed you the results you want, they will always appreciate your input in it. They will appreciate your unique vision of their wants and that’s what separates you from the rest.

You will keep traveling: No matter what kind of photography you do, it always takes you to new places around the world. Traveling is the key component in photography. From capturing a wedding to a different city to click that landscape, you will get to travel.

You are your own boss: Since most photographers are freelancers, you can work whenever you want to. You can take leave as much as you need, spend time with your family whenever you want to. Nobody’s gonna tell you when to work or when not, you can choose your projects accordingly.

You will always learn something new: Photography is an industry that keeps evolving from time to time. There’s always to learn something new. Just like any art form, you get to experiment with your creativity. As a result, you will always grow as a professional after every shoot.

Every day is not alike: One day you might be celebrating a happening wedding drinking cocktails, on the other, you might be sitting with your system alone to edit the images. It is never the same. Sometimes you might pull off three photoshoots in a single day while other days you don’t shoot at all. As a photographer, every day will bring something new to you.

Money: 99% of people pursue photography without thinking about money. It’s always about art much more than finance but money is essential too. You don’t want to be starved, some photographers might not agree to this but photographers make good money, most of them do. You just need to reach a point where you can put your own price tag in your bookings. Till then keep shooting.

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