What are lens Filters and why they are important?

Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

As a photographer, you should know what a lens filter is and what its importance is. Lens filters are basically made with high-quality glass or resin which are normally transparent or translucent. Now, imagine yourself stuck in an environment with harsh lighting conditions. This is the time you have to use lens filters to balance light. It can also help in enhancing colors, reducing reflections, and would also protect your lens from any harm. There are many types of lens filters that are used for different purposes.

Here is a list of some common lens filters:

1. UV/Clear/Haze filter

When you're shooting outside your lens might be at a threat of being damaged by dust, dirt or it might even get scratches. These three types of filters are used to protect the lens from harmful foreign entities. You can install a UV filter permanently and that won’t have any effect on your image quality.

2. Natural Density (ND) filter

This is the optimum filter to use for uncontrollable lighting conditions. These filters limit the amount of light that would enter the lens. The only downside is that the camera shutter speed is decreased. If you are thinking about using motion blur in your photographs then this filter is a good option.

3. Polarizing filter

These filters can do a lot of things like enhancing a certain color, polarize lights and reduce glare and reflections. It is suitable to use for any form of photography. Polarizing filters are generally circular which helps in controlling the effects of polarization.

4. Color/Warming/Cooling filter

Although this is a common filter used to shoot films, in digital photography, it does not hold much significance. This filter corrects colors which changes the camera white balance. It can also bar a certain color to pass through the lens allowing only a specific color to prevail. These things can also be done in post-production, thus in digital photography, it is normally not used.

This list of various lens filters along with their description and purpose will help you understand the equipment better. These filter lenses could save you from a tough situation during any outdoor photoshoot session. With the growing price of camera equipment, these lenses could save you from losing a good lens. 


Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee


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