What are attachable smartphone lenses?

Written by : Sauvik Chatterjee

Mobile phones have evolved a lot in the last few years and with them, phone camera technology has developed exponentially. Many photographers use phones as a tool for taking photographs and though it is not equivalent to a DSLR it does the job quite well.

Attachable smartphone lens is an accessory or external tool which is used by mobile photographers. Several third-party companies produce these accessories and these can be found in two forms - one where the lens is clipped to the phone camera and the other is a specially made phone case.

What do smartphone lenses do?

Though phone photography is on the rise it has some shortcomings when compared to a DSLR. So to compensate for some of these shortcomings and to enhance the experience of phone photography photographers use these accessories. The visual capacity of the camera changes with a change in the camera’s focal length and angle of view. There is a change in how much of a scene the camera can fit in the frame of the shot.

Types of external mobile phone lenses

  •  If you want to do landscape or street photography then the wide-angle lens is a good fit. The lens gives a wide angle of view to your phone camera.
  • Sometimes photographers need to click a photograph that covers a vast area. For these situations, a super wide-angle lens would be the best. These lenses are also called ultra wide-angle lenses which have a wider angle of view than the wide-angle lens.
  • Fisheye lenses are used by photographers if they are in the mood for experimentation. These lenses give such a wide angle that the edges get distorted and a bulging effect is created in the middle. This is not something which you would use every day but it creates a quite stylish image.
  • If you want to do a photoshoot in your garden and you see a beautiful colored insect you could use a macro lens to click a picture of it. The macro lens enables the user to take pictures of small objects in a close range to capture all the fine details of it.
  • There is a telephoto lens that can bring objects closer than they are because of a long focal length and a narrow angle of view. You could do portrait photography with these lenses.
  • Just like in a DSLR, a phone camera could also support filters like polarizer filter, kaleidoscope filter, starburst filter, ND filter, and colour filter. Don’t worry, these can be used together with the lenses and it won’t change the focal length or angle of view of the phone camera.

Even if you are a photographer using a DSLR or a photographer who cannot afford a DSLR right now, know that you could do a lot with your phone camera. Now you know that the performance of a phone camera can be enhanced a lot with lenses. You could start your career as a photographer with your phone.

Written by : Sauvik Chatterjee

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