Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Blog By: Sayoni Walujkar

A comfort zone is a place where we are happy, comfortable and at peace with ourselves. Even though it comes with all good things, it is also limited and small. We spend too much time in our comfort zone and we find it hard to venture out of it. This blog will look at ways to overcome this issue and expand this comfort zone.

Get out of your routine

Think about when and what you take pictures. Try a different style. Shoot with a different lens. Go out and shoot at a different time of day or try using only one lens for a week. Do the opposite of whatever you have been doing. It can turn out to do wonders for you.

Consider everything a subject

EVERYTHING you see has the potential to become a photograph. Even the most tedious things, the typical and the overlooked. Think about the things you cherish most in your life. Photograph them and then do it again. You will see them differently. You must let go of control when you focus on the everyday. It helps you to begin to see details, texture, color, and patterns. The more you begin to look, the more you will find.



Explore. Play. Experiment. Shoot with childlike curiosity. Think “What happens if…” then do it. Photograph for the pure fun of it. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Photograph something you wouldn’t normally bother with or even notice. When you play with your photography you will discover how things work. It’s the easiest way to increase your understanding of the buttons and dials on your camera.

Look for another perspective

There’s more than one way to see a subject placed in front of your camera. When luck is on your side, a subject presents itself exactly as it needs to be photographed. Pick one subject and see how many ways you can photograph it. It’s through discovery, practice, and trial and error that you create. 

Take on a personal project

We learn something about our relationship with our camera as we learn something about ourselves. Setting limitations can actually help you push your boundaries! Think about creating rules to guide your photography. Create parameters and rules you’ve got to shoot within. Quantify the project and give it a deadline. Make the project your own. Set a date to complete it and a method to share your project with others.

Do the work. Even when you don’t feel like

You’ve got to do the work if you want to improve your photography. Pick up your camera more often. Practice more. Carry it everywhere. There is no shortcut for moving out of our comfort zone that doesn’t pass right through doing the work. On the other side of your creative rut is an opportunity for doing better photography. It will be worth it.

We know it can be difficult to push your boundaries and try new things, but it is important to remember that growth never occurs without challenging your comfort zone. And we hope that some of these tips helped you to take some time and think about your comfort zone as well as the need to step out of it occasionally. 

Blog by: Sayoni Walujkar


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