Ways to challenge your creativity as a photographer

Life can get monotonous sometimes, especially for a professional photographer working in a certain field. These ideas would keep you invested in the profession and save you from burnout.

52- week project

As you have to click one photograph every week for this project, it might be a bit demanding, but this will surely keep you motivated to click photographs. You should set up a plan on what type of photographs to click to make this a successful project. If your schedule permits you can also do a 365-day project otherwise the 52-week project is a doable job for any photographer.

One Lens Challange

We use different lenses to make things easier for us, but what happens when you only use one lens for a day, a week, or even a month? You’ll find yourself zooming with your feet and you’ll understand the value of careful composition. After using it for a few days you’ll find creative ways to click a photograph which could come in handy in the future. You could use a fisheye, tilt-shift, macro lens, or any lens which you don’t use normally to get creative.

Stop over-clicking

Digital cameras give you the freedom to click a considerable number of photographs, but have you ever wondered what would happen if we still had to use cameras with film? The shots which you could take would be limited to a certain number. Try to simulate that situation by limiting yourself to 24 photographs for one week. Remember that your memory card should not have more than 24 photographs and you can’t delete any pictures. This limitation would enable you to better understand composition and angles and would improve your work immensely.

A day in the life

There are certain people blended into crowds who have interesting personalities. A normal person might not notice them but the sharp eyes of a photographer would be quick to spot them. So, you could set out to find some personality like this and tag along with him or her to take photographs of their daily life. This adventurous project might give you a great result.

Learning new techniques

It might be intimidating and stressful but learning new techniques and methods is a great way of keeping yourself motivated at a certain craft. It would be a time-consuming process but at the end of the course, you’ll be excited and happy about your new learned technique.


No matter how much you love a certain craft it would get boring and monotonous at some point. So it is extremely important to not let it overcome you by doing something new and fun. These tips would certainly help you and you could improvise on them in the future as well.


Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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