5 Interesting Career Choices In Photography

Photography offers you much more than you know. There are careers in photography apart from the most hyped genres, which you can pursue with little research and good skills. We have picked up a few career choices which might interest you if you are looking for doing something different in the field of photography. 

Forensic Photography: If you are looking for a field with art and creativity, you can pass this one. Forensic photography is more about the minute details and solving crime. Your photos will be the concrete proof and presented as evidence in the court. You get to see and experience the life of actual crime scenes working with the detectives.

Forensic Photography

To involve yourself in Forensic photography, you will need more than just photography skills. They generally ask for a minimum of 3 years of photography experience. You also need to take a photography course at the Police Academy or some similar institution. Educational background of Forensic science, Criminology, or law enforcement will take your chance higher to get in this field.

Photojournalism: Photojournalism is related to news and media, you will be a forefront for culture and news, generating the images which bring emotional edge where the words fail. Photojournalism itself is a big field. From local sports events to big international news you can cover it all. If you want to excel in this field, you have to make connections in the media to inform you about the events happening in your network. You can also start working with a newspaper or a magazine, they will help you a lot to boost up your career into photojournalism. It is a job of no time limit, so be prepared to get a call at any hour of the day.

Military Photography: Military provides a lot more opportunities than just being a soldier. This one might be a little similar to photojournalism. It can make you learn photography very well, as it allows you to capture close-up portraits to wide-scale action shots. In military photography, you can use your creativity as much as you want to. Your photos might be used for recruitments, educational purposes, or even as a historical document. You'd cover training missions, news conferences and perhaps even be asked to give a presentation on military headquarters.

Photography Teacher: You can teach photography at a University or a High school. It will develop your skill as well as it will make you explore the creativity of young minds and shape their talent. If this sounds exciting to you, you can make education as your way of a career in photography.

Photo Editor/ RetoucherPhoto editing is as important as taking pictures. If you have an interest in software like Photoshop and Lightroom you can easily get a job as a photo editor. Initially, you might have to assist a few photographers to shape up the skills. You can continue as both a freelancer or a regular staff.

Photography is not limited to just a few genres. If you have enough passion and skills this industry will accept you with open arms. No matter what profession you want to choose as a photographer, remember the root of all these lies in photography.

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