Tips on clicking adorable pet photographs

Every animal lover wants to capture all those cute moments of their pets or sometimes street animals. Before picking up your phone or camera you should know what techniques would help you get best photographs and these tips would help you with exactly that.

Try not to stress them

Don’t get too serious about how you would photograph your pet because they can sense your concern and might get stressed themselves. A concerned face won’t be visually appealing, so be mindful of your own emotions before clicking your pet’s photograph.

Capture those emotive eyes

The most alluring part of any animal is their eyes and focusing on them would for certain make your photos look great. If you can make them look straight at the camera then it's a bonus for you.

Make sure that your pet is not distracted

The first thing you should do before you start taking photographs of your pet is to remove anything which could distract the pet during the shoot. Furthermore, try to make the pictures aesthetically pleasing by removing any clutter from the frame. A used paper or a messy couch won’t look good in the background when you’re clicking your pet doing adorable things. Doing this would lessen the work you have to do in post-processing.

Shoot in their world

It is necessary for a photographer to show their subjects’ perspective sometimes. Your photographers would be more engaging to the viewers if you lower your camera to match your pet’s height. You may have to keep your camera on your hips or crouch down to click these types of pictures which might not be an easy task. So start practicing because this would help you get unique photographs.

All of us love to see animals do adorable and quirky things so why don’t you share it with the world. There are various contests for pet photography as well so you could use these tips to improve your skills and send your favourite one to these contests.

Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee


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