Tips For Spotless Food Photography

The food industry is getting bigger day by day and so is the demand for food photographers. From small menus to social media to big hoardings - food photography is everywhere.

This genre is not just an aesthetic platter of food. Presentation skills can make these photos much more appealing than regular photographs.

Here are the few tips to keep in mind while doing food photography:

Background is important: Background plays an important role in each photograph irrespective of its genre. Using a neutral background can provide maximum intensity to the food and create an interest in the subject.
Change angle with the food type: Pay attention to the size, shape, height, and try to find that unique element of the food. Place the camera where all features are highlighted the most.

Selection of light: Photography is a game of lights and there is a huge range of lights to choose from. Many professional photographers choose a smaller and more focused light source to produce sharper shadows and instead of reflectors, they use mirrors to direct the light.

Go for natural: Natural light is always a good choice to create beautiful life-like photos. The same goes for food too. Shooting food under natural light makes it seem striking and much more real and appealing.

Be careful with Colors: Color is the soul of the food item. In order to enhance colors, try to select natural tones for accessories and other background items. These items should make the color of the food pop against them.

The composition is the key: Experiment with the composition as much as you can. Even after all of the above steps, the final results will be based on how you compose your photos. Use your imagination. Add props and ingredients to create patterns and layered effects. This will make your photograph a treat for the eyes.

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