Tips for Sports Photography - Beginner Level

Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

As a photographer, you might get offers to cover sports events. It might be a special day for a family member who is playing the sport or maybe it's a client whom you can’t refuse. Don’t worry if you do not have the experience to do sports photography we got you covered. These tips would help you immensely if you find yourself in these situations.

Research about the sport you’re covering

Every sport has its unique rules and is played over a set course of time. You as a photographer might not be familiar with all forms of sport, so to be a good sports photographer you need to know a bit about the sport. After you know the rules, you might get an idea of when something exciting will happen. It would also improve your photographs overall.

Increase the shutter speed

As a photographer, you should know that the shutter speed should correlate to the speed of the subject you’re photographing. So, to get the best still image in a sports game your shutter speed should stay between 1/500s and 1/2000s.


Using flash is not an option

Using a flash in a sports game is a bad idea as it could distract the players. Furthermore, the flash that comes with the camera and the flash on the hot shoe would fail miserably in illuminating the subject you’re trying to click.

Try to build a story

A sports game is full of dramatic and emotional moments. You can take portraits or group pictures to tell the story of the game. You can take portraits in a sport where there is only one athlete. Portraits would also be a good choice to show the individual brilliance of an athlete, for example, if a cricketer scores a six to win a game a portrait of that cricketer would be of great value. Taking a group photograph of athletes is also a great way of telling a story of a team doing something extraordinary.

Don’t forget to capture things off-field

You should always look for an event that shows raw emotions. Fans and coaches are the best subjects for you to capture raw emotion at a sports event. The sheer excitement or anxiety would go well with what happens on the field. So, never forget to take photographs of the spectators, coaches, and anyone who is off-field.

A photographer has to be ready for anything exciting to happen because in sports, there is something or the other happening on the field. These tips will help you get ready to seize the opportunity to get the best memories out of a match.

Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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