Tips for Maternity Photoshoot

Being a mother is very special and capturing the beautiful journey of motherhood is one of a kind experience. You can experiment with many things but in a comfortable fashion. As you are a little sensitive during pregnancy, you need to plan your shoots by keeping in mind a few things. As a photographer, you need to provide these points to your client to make the shoot smooth and easy-going.

When to Shoot?

We know you all get excited about your shoot but don’t arrange a shoot too early. Wait for at least 35 weeks for the bump to pop out properly. Wait for a longer time in your early pregnancy, in most of the first pregnancy your bump might not look too pregnant for a photoshoot. You really want a full-bloomed bump to flaunt in your maternity shoot, the best time for a maternity shoot is during your 35th-37th week.


Just like any other kind of photoshoot, get your shoot inspiration from as many resources as you can. You can also mix and match from many photographs. You can take inspiration from someone’s make and match it with a set of some other photograph, experiment as much as you can.

To take a safe option, go for a natural day makeup look, it will work with most of the outfits. If you are going for a little more flaunting your bump style, you can also opt for darker makeup.

When you plan an outfit, you get a lot of ideas on Pinterest but remember, you are not preparing for a wedding shoot, it will be a maternity shoot and you have to carry your baby bump everywhere. Plan for 2-3 outfits only, as it will not make the shoot very time-consuming.

Try out your poses in front of the mirror. This way you will be prepared for the shoot. Don’t forget the most basic shots like hand under the bump, listening in on the bump, bump reveal.


Location and setting

Outdoors and garden-like settings are most common for these kinds of shoots but these kinds of settings are favorable for most kinds of shoots. So, why not go for a location where you are most comfortable and don’t lose that pregnancy glow. You can experiment with some décor at home where you will be comfortable and make some non-stereotypical pictures. Try to choose a location where you can make a blend of both natural and studio lights.


Don’t go too far with props, try to use the most personal props which reflect you as a family. You can also use your pregnancy test, baby dresses, sonography scans, or something welcoming for the baby.

Your kids

If it is not your first pregnancy, you can even give your shoot a personal touch by bringing your toddlers along. It will show a personal family bond as well as a love for the sibling. When you have your kid along, you should mark a few things which will make your easy going.

You should note your child's nap time and arrange your shoot after they wake up. Also, avoid shooting their mealtime because you cannot stop the shoot for meal breaks. Get a photographer who is experienced in working with kids.


Do not go for a random shoot, as you are a little sensitive during the time of pregnancy. Planning will make your shooting experience worthwhile and enjoyable. Plan out the shoots with your client and make this shoot a happy memory of a lifetime.

- Blog by Harshita Sharma



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