Tips for Fine art photography

Art is a way to express a lot through your creativity and passion. Photography that is related to fine arts, requires the same amount of creativity and patience. If you achieve that level, you will create extraordinary pictures through your photography. Here are some tips that will guide you through your journey into fine arts photography: 

Weather forecasts

Just like any other kind of photography, weather sets the mood. Check the weather forecast wherever you go for a shoot. Sometimes you might get lucky with the weather but it doesn’t happen very often. Looking for weather forecasts will help you prepare better for the shoot and you will get a better understanding of when the light is right.


Creativity is a big part when it comes to arts. So be creative with shots too, put a unique vision in these photos and make them remarkable. If you like, go for a theme that represents what you want to express from the art form you chose. Tell a story from your photographs and not just random pictures. 


Go colors

Colors are used to set the mood of your art. All the paintings are considered to be art forms and they are an expression of different themes and moods. If you want to set an energetic mood, go for warm colors like yellows and oranges. If you want to go for a more relaxed and calm mood go for cool colors like blues. Experimenting with colors will take your photos to the next level. 

Find the connecting dot

Try to find a link between your theme and the audience. It will result in making your art more relevant to the audience. You can also use textures that are inspired by daily life. It will make your art more verbal and your pictures will tell a story. No matter how hard your concept is but try to make it easily identifiable. Select the topic of your choice but make it relatable.

Moving pictures

Try to find movement in pictures. It will create a sense of motion blur in the picture. You can achieve motion blur either by clicking the moving subject or you can move your camera when you release the shutter. Be sure that one of the elements in your picture is static and the other one is moving that will give a contrast to the image and make your image much better than regular images.

No matter how good the art is, if you do not capture it properly through your camera it is not worth the efforts. As a photographer, your job is to enhance the beauty of what you see through your eyes.  As a fine art photographer, you need to put your efforts into bringing the best out of the art and these tips are definitely going to help you achieve that.

- Blog by Harshita Sharma

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