Tips for Fashion Photography with a Smartphone

In this day and age, smartphone cameras have developed significantly and can produce high-quality pictures. So, budding professional photographers who cannot buy expensive cameras have the option of using a smartphone to click pictures. Furthermore, even if you are a hobbyist you’ll be able to do fashion photoshoots with your smartphones. These tips will definitely help you have a photoshoot perfectly with a smartphone.

Create a mood board

A photographer always needs something to keep themselves inspired and what can be a better option than a mood board! You can easily go online and use pictures that you like to include in your mood board. Pinterest and Mat Board are two online tools you can use to create the mood board and additionally it also gives you the option to share and post pictures.

Find the perfect location

Any photographer would want to use lesser-known locations for their shoot, but that could sometimes land you in trouble as the location could be private or restricted property. It would be best for you to go to public places like parks and beaches for your shoot.

Keep your phone handy

Even though smartphones have good cameras the design of the phone is not ergonomic enough for long shoots such as fashion photoshoots, so you have to find a way to make the phone easy to hold. You can use a pop-up phone holder or even a mini-tripod for the phone as a solution for this problem.

Be mindful about the light

You should be aware that the sensor in a phone camera is smaller and different from a real camera. It might seem that your phone produces good photos in low-light condition but it isn’t always the case. In post-production you might find that your pictures look grainy, so to avoid that, always be sure to use good lighting while doing fashion photoshoots.

Create a bond with the model

It is the job of a fashion photographer to make the models comfortable and establish a bond with them. It would be tough for the photographer to get the right shots and end up with average photos if they fail to convey to the model what type of shots are needed. So, apart from keeping a good composition, it is necessary to communicate with the model.

Try out new angles

Sometimes, straightforward eye-level photos become bland. So, to keep your photographs interesting you have to try out new things. Using different angles to click a photograph is a nice way to make your pictures look unique.

Using the portrait mode

You might shoot at a location where the background has too many distractions. Don’t worry, just like a DSLR, smartphone cameras have advanced enough to be capable of blurring the background through portrait mode. So, you can easily take pictures of your subject without the fear of unwanted background elements.

Props can help

There might be instances where you are in a hurry and you can’t let your model change clothes or make-up to make the photos look more engaging. To solve this problem you can use props so that every picture looks unique and it makes your picture more engaging. But, make sure that the props don't overwhelm the viewers’ eyes.

Edit Wisely

To edit your photographs on your phone you can use either VSCO or Adobe Photoshop Express as they are the best editing apps for smartphone photography. VSCO is a good option for changing the contrast and exposure of your pictures. You can also add a filter to your photographs in VSCO. Adobe Photoshop Express is best for retouching your images.


Being a photographer is not a dream anymore, anyone can start doing it with just their phones. A genre like fashion can also be done with a small device like a smartphone. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and click perfect photographs in your next fashion photoshoot with a smartphone.


Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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