Tips for Couple photoshoot

A couple photoshoot is the best way to experiment with your photography skills. As a photographer, it will give you a chance to explore different locations as well as emotions.

Being a couple is building memories. Occasional photoshoots will help you have quality time with your partner and explore things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Here are some tips for both photographers and couples to refer to before going for a couple photoshoot:

Home is where the heart is:

Your home is where you spend most of your time together, it has the memories you have created for yourself with your partner. It will create a good story point for you and pictures will be more than just photos. You can document your interest and since it’s your den you can experiment with pictures. The intimacy you have with your partner will be more natural at home.

When at home, your background can be as simple as a living room wall which will document the life you lead on a daily basis.

Experiment during Golden hour

Almost every couple loves to have a romantic getaway around the time of sunset. These peaceful kinds of places are a perfect blend of climatic sun and intimate romance. Silhouettes are one of the best options to go for when you're out around the time of sunset. Horizons make a beautiful composition for couples.

These natural sites with a blend of a golden hour make your pictures dramatically beautiful. 

Dramatically Dark

There are a lot of poses through which you can experiment in a dark setting. Taking city lights as your background will create a beautiful composition for a couple photoshoot. These kinds of shots are unconventional and highly experimental. Editing also plays a major role in these kinds of shots.

Experiment with outfits:

During a couple photoshoots, you might go to different locations or maybe traveling to different cities. Carry the outfit that compliments the vibe of your surroundings. Try to wear colorful clothes, as it will add more to the surroundings. 

Into the Wild:

If you are an adventurous couple who loves exploring the wild, the forests, or mountains, you can create great couple pictures in that setting. You can also visit some amazing spots amidst the greens of nature. It will also keep up your wanderlust spirit.

The Movie Style

Movies play an important role in people’s lives. Every couple has that one movie they want to recreate. This is one of the most popular styles these days. Recreating a scene doesn’t mean that you have to copy the whole scenario, you can be inspired by any part of it. Maybe the pose, the ambiance, or the costume you can take any one of them and recreate your favorite scene.

Dance it off

The best thing about a couple photoshoot is that you can do a lot of experiments inspired by your daily activities. Every couple has their song to dance to, you can play your song and start dancing to it. It will give you the most candid and unpredictable picture. The gestures you share while dancing can give you pictures that are way out of the league from stereotypical couple pictures.

Mock Wedding Shooting

With a mock wedding shoot, you can get a feel of your wedding day without actually having it. In India, almost every couple is into Pre-wedding shoots. A mock wedding shoot is something different from the league. Take it as a fun experience and a time together to feel what the future looks like.

It will be a great addition to your album as well as on your social media.

The Kiss

You can finish your romantic couple photoshoot with a Kiss. Having a couple shoot can move from a few boundaries to make the shoot memorable. Having a kiss with a view will add up to your romantic memories and give you a chance to have some more romantic time with each other.

A couple photoshoot is a way to spend time together and make memories out of it. A couple photoshoot can be as simple as sitting in your drawing room or as glamorous as a wedding, you can do a lot in between. A couple photoshoot is a way to take time out and only be with each other. There is a lot to experiment with each other and as a photographer, you can explore this wide field.

-Blog by Harshita Sharma

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