Suggestions for better Rain Photography

As a photographer, you must have the instinct to do something different every other day. Photographing in the rain must be a new challenge for some of you. You can use these tips to improve your chances of getting a good photograph while shooting in the rain.

Keep your gears safe

Technology has developed significantly and thus modern DSLRs are made in such a way that they have water and mist resistance. If it was the olden days you could have taken heavy protection against the rain for your gears but in the present day, a simple rain sleeve or a DIY solution is enough to protect your gears.

Find water reflections

You must have played inside a puddle as a child during the rainy season but today as a photographer you have to use a puddle to click creative photographs. You might use the reflections on the puddle to create a sense of dual reality or you could use it in other creative ways.

Backlight the rain

When you see a scene through a window it looks just like a framed photograph and when it rains, the raindrops add character to that photograph. Though our eyes could perceive the raindrops perfectly, a camera might not. So using a backlight would give you the best results to make raindrops visible in your shots. You can use natural or any sort of lighting around you to create an atmosphere in your photographs.

Explore the rain-drenched streets

Creating good and establishing shots is an art. You have to keep all the elements like umbrellas, raincoats, puddles, and water reflection in your shot to show how your street has transformed on a rainy day. So, not only capture the rain, but also try to shoot the rain-drenched streets.

Bad weather might bring good photos

During the monsoon season the weather can turn any time so don’t panic during these situations. Try to make the most out of rains and play with the color palette of the weather. You can click beautiful portraits with soft lighting in bad weather as well.


A photographer must know how to adapt to a certain situation and a rainy day is the best situation to show your skills. Use these tips so that you can get the best out of troublesome weather.


Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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