Story Behind World's Biggest Camera Manufacturer Canon

Canon has been the most trusted brand in the photography industry for a long time. Every photographer has at least used a canon camera once in their photography career even if they are non-canon users. The brand has every kind of camera from a point and shoot to DSLRs to Mirrorless with a large number of lens options. Canon has its consumers all around the world and is considered as one of the top companies in the photography market.
How did Canon start? What is their story? Let’s find out

Canon was established in 1933 by Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, and Takeo Maeda in Tokyo, Japan. Canon began with the establishment of a precision optical instrumental laboratory in a simple apartment room in the Roppongi area of Tokyo.
In 1934, they produced a prototype of Japan’s first 35mm with a focal plane based shutter camera named Kwanon. They finally declared their name to be Canon Inc. in 1947.

Canon got the hold on the photography market as they have introduced the F-1 which was a high-end SLR camera and FD lens range. They also launched the world's first camera with an embedded micro-computer in 1976.

In 1994, Canon’s commitment to quality service made it the first marketing company in office automation to be awarded ISO 9002 certification in Singapore. Since the late 90s to 2010s canon has been evolving itself by launching all kinds of cameras and lenses. They have created their own kingdom in the photography industry. They’ve been actively working to spread their business worldwide and as per 2017, Canon had 1,97,673 employees all around the world.

They have introduced their first EF lens in 1987 and they hit the milestone of 130 Million EF lenses manufactured so far. Which is huge for any lens manufacturing company in today’s world.
As per 2019, Canon’s annual revenue was $33.058 Billion which is approximately 24,59,22,60,00,000/- Indian Rupees.

Canon has been hitting milestones in the industry for more than 85 years now and according to its number, it’s not gonna go anywhere for decades now. They have been serving good quality and user-friendly devices in all budget ranges which help consumers to make their decision more precise.

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