Photography Business issues you can overcome

As a professional photographer, there are many challenges you face on the ground level, apart from taking good photographs.

Here are some most commonly faced issues by photographers in their professional journey and some ways to overcome them.

Attracting Wrong clients: It is understandable to do the kind of work you don't like to make a name in the market and build your contacts. The problem occurs when in this process, many photographers downgrade their work style and keep working with the wrong clients. Beware, this is not going to take you anywhere further and eventually you feel your graph going down as the time passes.

The Business stresses you out: Many uninvited tasks come in when you start a business. Since you are an artist some of these tasks might be difficult for you to do. Make a list of all such tasks which you think are stressing you out. After that, you can hire someone for that work or if you are on a budget, take help from people you know who might have a good knowledge of the subject and learn from them.

Miscommunication with Client: This is a very commonly faced issue between an artist and their clients. Look over your previous communication with clients and make a spreadsheet of frequently asked questions and try to communicate better on those situations. To avoid miscommunication, you can also add the important points in your legal contract.

Money strains for outsourcing: Yayy! You've understood the problems which are a first step to solving them but a bigger problem is waiting on the next step. Cash flow can be a major problem before outsourcing. From just a cleaning space for the office to big business help, you need to analyze all your finances and figure out your budget. Suppose you have established an appropriate CODB (Cost of Doing Business) & pricing structure, finding those extra funds may be as easy as breaking down the monthly outsourcing cost across the goal session numbers and increasing the minimum pricing across the board.

Your need is an office worker for 5000 per month. Your (realistic) goal number of sessions is 5. Simply take the Rs. 5000 / 5 sessions for an overall baseline increase of Rs. 1000/- per session for this cost. Exceptions are based on business models and your specific CODB.

Inquiries won't convert: Just ask yourself one question, have you ever followed up on the inquiries you got overtime? Most of the photographers say No to this. People will inquire but you need to convert them for your good and your business. By not following up You are rejecting YOU. Check up on all the inquiries and follow up until their final decision, this will increase your conversion rate for sure. Showing your potential clients that you care is never a bad idea.

Tips to following up:

I. Make sure that you have answered the initial inquiry and made it personalized.

ii. Set a reminder when you receive the initial inquiry.

iii. Follow up with an initial communication reply within 48-72 hours.


Business Planning with unrealistic expectations: It is very very easy to sit back and dream bigger dreams. That's a good practice and what you think is what you become. But facing reality and having a real plan to achieve those goals is more important. Business plans should be living, breathing documents that you amend as the business (and you) changes!

Make small monthly goals for profit and sessions. Evaluate the results for future goals and keep a running track of your current and potential sessions.


Balancing Work and Homelife or not: Everyone has a different definition of balance and achieving your balance goal will be your achievement. Some claim that 50 hours of working a week can be balanced while some think even the 20 hours of working is unbalancing their life with family. It all depends on you but having a balance is important. Balance can be achieved by implementing efficiency measures using accurate calendar skills to ensure that you don't miss out on the Real Life.

Working independently comes with lots of challenges that you might learn to overcome with time. Keeping up with these steps will make the process faster. We hope that you all achieve balance over all these issues and solve them before they start harming your business and eventually you.

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