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Books and reading might not be your cup of tea, it is because you may not have found a good book yet. So here are some books or rather biographies of the great photographers of their time which will definitely interest you as a photographer. Just so you know, these books have beautiful photographs as well which will help you keep going.

Here are some recommendations for the books every photographer must-read.

Ansel Adams - An Autobiography

This is the best selling autobiography completed during the last days of Adams' life in 1981. This book is a representation of his 60 years of exceptional career not only in photography but also about his work as a conservationist, musician, and teacher. He dedicated all his life to capturing the world beautifully.

Along with 277 illustrations, this book is not only about his career but also a representation of his personal life. 

Steichen by Phenelope Niven

An absolute must for all who appreciate the very best in photography, and want to know more about the history of the photographer. It is considered to be the first comprehensive biography written about photographer and painter, Edward Steichen. This book is a representation of his extravagant life in Paris and Newyork and how he introduced modern art in America. It also recounts his journey of World War I and World War II. He also contributed and shaped American Fashion and portrait photography while being the Chief of Photography for Vanity Fair and Vogue. This book recounts his extraordinary career as a photographer and as a person.

Emergency in slow motion by William Todd Schultz

This book is based on the life of Diane Arbus, She is one of the most noted American photographers of her time. Her portraits, in stark black and white, seemed to reveal the psychological truths of their subjects. But after she committed suicide at the age of forty-eight in 1971, the presumed chaos and darkness of her own inner life became, for many viewers, inextricable from her work.

The Modern Century by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908–2004) is one of the most influential and beloved figures in the history of photography. His inventive work of the early 1930s helped define the creative potential of modern photography. Following World War II, he helped found the Magnum photo agency, which enabled photojournalists to reach a broad audience through magazines such as Life while retaining control over their work. This book offers an entirely new understanding of Cartier-Bresson's extraordinary career and its overlapping contexts of journalism and art. 



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