How to collaborate with brands on Instagram?

Building a career in a creative field is not an easy task. You have to engage yourself to the audience through many mediums. Social media plays a major role in maintaining the communication between you and your audience but social media is not just for that, it can help you earn and provides you an opportunity to collaborate with brands. But how to collaborate with brands if you are a photographer, content writer, or artist? Let’s dive deep into it.

Finding brands to Collaborate:

Making a list always helps you organize the best. As collaboration is a longer process, you must make a list and keep updating all the progress throughout the process. Start with listing the top 15-20 brands with which you want to collaborate with. Write the progress of all follow-ups both positive and negative.

Importance of Feed:

The first thing that any brand will notice is your feed. Keeping your feed aesthetic is very important. Instagram is not just a profile, it is like an online portfolio that will help you provide you the opportunity of collaborations, professional projects, and many other things. Try to post daily and create small goals, try to achieve them. Add different kinds of content like small blogs, maybe some real-life incidents while capturing that picture and brainstorm some out of the box ideas.

The process to Pitch:

Tell the brand about all the outcomes they can receive if they collaborate with you. Try to tempt them with your offer but don’t share unrealistic goals which will definitely cancel the future possibility of collaborating again. If you are collaborating with a brand for the first time, pitch them your idea and leave the rest to them. No matter how strong a brand is, make sure you handle the creative side of the collaboration as it is your vision to create something, let the brand be a part of that content.

Patience is the key:

As already mentioned in the first point, collaboration is a long process, you don’t get fast replies from most of the brands so be patient. Wait for at least a week as the brands get several emails every day. If they still don’t reply, pitch them another idea. If you know a person from the brand who deals in this area, follow them on social media and try to interact with them. You need to have patience as  it is also an important part of the process.

Grow your Account:

Keep a track of your followers, how many you have gained or lost in a week. Keeping track of followers doesn’t mean you have to run after numbers but you should maintain the stats which will keep you motivated and help you plan the content. Make sure you communicate with your audience through stories and different activities and the least you can do for communication is never leaving a DM on seen or a comment abandoned. It will help you maintain a dedicated community.

Collaborating with brands has now become an important part of being in social media because why not? It can give you a chance to build a larger community, it will challenge your creativity and grow your presence on social media. Try to follow these steps while collaborating with a brand, it will definitely bring a positive response to you.

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