How do you Take Self Portraits?

Blog By: Sayoni Walujkar

What exactly is self portrait?

A self portrait, in its most basic form, is a photograph of oneself. Photographs can also be described as selfies, but there is a clear distinction between the two. Self portraits are carefully composed, well-thought-out works of art that are intended to leave a lasting impression of the subject.

Make use of a tripod

Unless you want to shoot selfie-style (with an outstretched hand), you'll need to use a tripod to hold your camera. If you intend to shoot with your smartphone, make sure to purchase a universal adapter that attaches to your tripod.

Utilize your camera's Wi-Fi

Most new digital cameras include built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to transmit your photos. This is especially useful when shooting self-portraits, as you can preview your shots in real-time on a tablet or smartphone. Most apps also allow you to remotely fire your camera.

Your camera must be pre-focused

Pre-focusing is essential when shooting self-portraits because you can't use the viewfinder. Ask a friend to stand in for you, or concentrate on a random object. Once you've marked your location, remember to turn off autofocus so the camera doesn't refocus when you press the shutter.

Consider thinking out of the box

One of the best things about taking self-portraits is that no one can see you doing it. As a result, embrace the self-portrait as an opportunity to experiment, try out new ideas, and relax your guard.

Start making use of a low f-stop

It's ideal to use a low f-stop when shooting self-portraits that don't require the background to be in focus. This will result in a shallow depth of field, making you stand out from the pack.

Finally, we can see that self-portraits are much more than just self-portraits for artists. Self-portraits are like a seed that grows into a skill over time. A skill that inspires, aspires, boosts one’s self esteem, keeps oneself grounded or even connects us with many diverse people. This is self-portrait photography, and this is it's magic. 

Blog By: Sayoni Walujkar


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