Tips to improve your Product photography skills

As a viewer, Product photography might look very simple, but as you jump deeper into the genre, you'll find how creative and experimental it is. Product photography is a good way to earn money and it is just booming day by day.

Here are a few tips that can help you start/improve your product photography skills:

1) Don't forget you have a Smartphone:

We live in a time where we have a high-performance built-in camera on our phones. Most of them come with a better image sensor than a regular camera. They give you multiple lens options at the same time and most of them give amazing details to the image.

2) Use that tripod:

Tripod is very helpful in making the image more stable and maintains consistency across your products. Tripods are not very expensive as there is a huge range of options to choose from. However, they are a good investment to enhance your final output.

3) The use of light:
Correct use of light can improve your image while incorrect use might hinder it. The same kind of light doesn't work for all the products. You need to choose your lighting according to your product's needs.

(i)Natural Light: Natural light is basically Sunlight or in technical language 'Soft light'. It is used when you need to emphasize the product's surroundings rather than a specific feature of the product.

(ii)Artificial Light: We are all familiar with the concept of artificial light. Everything from a Big studio light to a bulb to a candle comes under Artificial lights. In technical language, we also refer to it as 'Hard light'. It produces a smaller yet focused light surface. Artificial light is used to focus on the physical aspects of the product which need to be highlighted to impress the customer.

(iii)Fill or Bounce lights: No matter what kind of light you use, you always need a fill light to suppress the shadow created by the main light source.

4) Take multiple pictures: Multiple pictures will allow your customer to reach all the product features. Take images that can give the customer experience of actually looking at, holding, and using the product. Variety in images stimulates the user experience.

There are no rules in art but practicing a few things can enhance your skills. Keep experimenting with all the products and lights. Keep luring customers with your awesome pics because "Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai"

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