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Cars are still considered a luxury, and the car companies want to attract their customers with attractive photographs of the cars. It’s the job of a photographer to hone their skills and get that perfect click. Here are some important things to keep in mind while doing car photography. 



Choosing the right time to shoot

Nature can be nice to you, or it can absolutely ruin your photographs. Choosing the right time of day is essential to do car photography. Luckily, we know when to start the shoot. Car Photography requires soft light and the best time to find that is just after sunset or just before sunrise. Avoiding direct sunlight is the best possible choice for car photography.


Take into consideration the car color

Though it is not recommended to do car photography in direct sunlight, but you can experiment to get something unique. There is a synonymous relation between paint and light. Some types of paint can react positively to direct sunlight and can help you get the perfect click. If it fails, you can always take notes and not make the same mistake again.



One with nature

Interesting surroundings can improve the standard of the picture. As a car photographer, your only goal is to make the consumer feel that the car is meant for him. Use the necessary surroundings in nature to create that feeling. For example, if it is a car meant for mountain driving take pictures of it on a dirt road from different angles.


A right background for the right photograph

A photographer must always be on the lookout for distracting backgrounds as they could ruin the photograph. The main objective of a background should be to make the car look elegant and charming. If the background matches both these aspects and complements the theme of the photograph it can be considered as a good background.


Reflections can ruin all hard work

The design of the car is the first thing any consumer sees before moving on to the more technical parts. A photographer has to show these designs meticulously in their photographs, but reflections can ruin the shot very easily. It is important to check that your own reflection does not appear on the car and to avoid it you can use a tripod with a self-timer to take the shot.


With these techniques, car photography is bound to get simpler for you and you can grab hold of a job in this industry quite easily. Now, it’s time for you to practice these new techniques and improve your skills as a car photographer.

Blog by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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