DSLR v/s Mirrorless Camera

The most basic and common discussion amongst photographers is the difference between DSLRs and Mirrorless. Both kinds of users defend their own devices and the debate is endless.
Both have their pros and cons. So which one to choose in the wide market?
Here, let us help you out with an unbiased difference between both kinds of cameras.

Pros of DSLR
1. Viewfinder: DSLRs consist of optical viewfinders that cancel the risk of delay.
2. Accessories: Since DSLRs have been around for a long time and are used by a large number of people, you will find a large library of lenses and other camera essentials that are available easily.
3. Autofocus: DSLRs are considered better for faster autofocus and tracking subjects. However, Mirrorless is fast gaining.

Cons of DSLR
1. Speed: Most DSLRs tends to have slower continuous shooting speed.
2. Budget: Premium DSLRs cost a fortune and are not affordable to many photographers.
3. Weight: DSLRs are bulky and heavy which makes them harder to travel and work with, for long hours.

Pros of mirrorless:
1. Viewfinder: Electronic viewfinder in Mirrorless cameras allows the accurate preview of the final image.
2. Speed: Mirrorless cameras often have faster speed during continuous shooting.
3. Budget: Compared to most DSLRs, they are less expensive.
4. Setting Options: Mirrorless allows more scene modes and automatic settings as compared to many high-end DSLRs.
5. Video: Due to better Live View autofocus, even the entry-level Mirrorless models support 4k and give better video quality.
6. Weight: Mirrorless cameras are much smaller and lighter even compared to the lightest DSLRs.

Cons of Mirrorless:
1. Battery: Due to the electronic viewfinder and other auto settings, batteries in Mirrorless tend to drain faster.
2. Accessories: Very few lenses and accessories are available for Mirrorless cameras.
3. Viewfinder: Electronic Viewfinders might cause a delay in tracking the subject.
4. Access: Mirrorless cameras have a complex working system and don't allow quick access to dials/buttons.

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