Don’t make these mistakes as a photographer

Even after years of experience, we tend to make a few mistakes while shooting. These pointers should help experienced photographers check if they should improve on something and the new photographers would find these useful to start their journey as a photographer.


Subject in the center

As a photographer you would never want your pictures to look boring and static and keeping the subject in the center would give that exact result. Try to move your subject to the other portions of the frame and use the Rule of Thirds. This will create interesting uneven negative spaces and make the picture look dynamic.

Staying stuck at automatic mode

Though automatic mode is necessary sometimes, you would need more control over your camera in most situations. Changing your camera mode to aperture priority mode or manual mode would help you decide what sort of exposure you want and make other decisions of such kind. This would also help you understand the intricacies of photography and make you a better photographer.

Not being observant

Photographers should always be observant of their surroundings. You don’t have to pick the camera at all to do this but this is necessary as you would find many different angles to shoot. Of course, you would make mistakes but at the end of the day, you’ll get to learn more.

Limiting yourself

It is normal for a human being to have personal boundaries, but a photographer has to break such boundaries while doing their job. This would surely take you to the next level in terms of creativity. So, ignore the voices inside your head that ask you to return to your comfort zone.

It is important to constantly evolve as a photographer. Learning new techniques and sharpening your senses is a part of the job. These tips would help you understand where you’re lacking as a photographer and thus you can improve on it.

Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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