A Guide to Abstract photography

Abstract photography can be tricky as it takes a lot of creativity and vision. Even though it is a product of one’s own imagination, it still requires a few things to make it look more interesting. Even though abstract photography is beyond any rules and boundaries, here are a few tips which you can keep in mind while clicking an abstract picture:

Imagination is important

Most abstract photos are the work of imagination. Suppose you are on a street to click pictures and to create something amazing out of nothing, you need imagination. You need your imagination to create frames that are not planned. Even in a planned environment, it was your imagination that led you towards your desired results.

Involve feelings into pictures

Feelings are the way to connect someone to a photograph or anything for that matter. Be present at the moment while shooting and it will add an essence of yourself and the surroundings to the picture which will make it more alive. Developing this skill will take a little time but once you realize what wonders it can do, you will be more involved in the moment.

Show your interpretation of the world

Your photographs are the reflection of what you see in the world and what you want to create out of it. It brings you closer to the world and yourself and it is very important to allow yourself to show who you really are. Try things you are curious about because the more curious you are, the more you’ll find and you will be closer to the world you want to show.


Importance of colors

Color has the power to change anything; they are a powerful tool that can alter the fate of a photograph. Try to make the best out of the available color scheme and use them to make that picture magical.

Go Minimal

Abstract pictures are known for their minimalism and focus on the subject. Even though there are no rules, it is always good to eliminate what is not required in a photograph. Eliminating non-essential elements from a photograph can make a big difference and will help your subject with more breathing space and attention of the viewer. 


Abstract photography cannot be taught and it is beyond any regulations but keeping a few things in mind is not going to affect you any worse, they will only help you in the long run. Now that you got everything you were looking for, go get that photography gear of yours to create amazing abstract pictures.


Blog by: Harshita Sharma

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