A few tips on how to use colours in photography

Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

Colour is something which we see every day and this common part of our lives can affect our judgment. Colour or a combination of colour can add a certain mood to things that affect us. As a photographer, you can use colours to make your viewer think a certain way or add mood to your images. Use these tips to get the perfect results.


Contrasting colours will make the images interesting

A photographer needs to know where the colours sit on the colour wheel. If you look for contrasting colours in the colour wheel, you’ll find that they are just opposite to one another. This sort of combination just makes your subject stand out from the background which is important when you want your viewers’ eyes to be set on the subject. But don’t worry there is always room for creativity as it is not an ultimate rule to only select the opposite colours.

The subject should be colorfully attractive

It is important for you to choose the correct background along with the subject. If the background is not suitable then you’ll fail to convey the mood of your picture to your viewers. If you want your subject to be the only focus of the image try to make it pop off by using a boring or bland background. Remember that your subject should be more colourful than the background you chose.

Colourless areas are important

Colours like black, grey, and white are included in a frame by professional photographers as it creates a negative area in a picture filled with colours. It soothes the viewers’ eyes and balances out the picture.

Use simple colours

Most of the time too many colours in a single picture won’t work out well for you, as your viewers could detest that picture. Colour is a compositional element and if too much of it is there in a picture then as a viewer it could get difficult to comprehend the picture. The solution is to keep simple and some obvious colours in your pictures.

Engross your viewers with similar colours

There would be times when you have to create tension in your photos with contrasting colours, but adding harmony with colours is also a part of composing your pictures. Rather than keeping contrasting colours, use analogous colours like yellow and green to add harmony to your pictures.

If you know how to use colours in a certain way, it would have the power to stir the viewer into feeling a certain way. A well-composed picture with the correct balance of colours can make a person overwhelmed with happiness or make them sad. So, use these tips in your next photo shoot session and you’ll realise that your pictures are a lot better.


Written by: Sauvik Chatterjee

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