5 Ways to care for your camera like a Pro

A camera is a weapon for photographers and taking good care of your weapon can win you many battles. For something as sensitive as a camera, you need to take a little extra care to keep it working for a long time.
Here are some ways through which you can take care of your camera and lenses.

1. Never forget the Lens Cap
Never keep your lens exposed to the environment when not in use. Since the lens is an eye to the camera, it is as sensitive as a human eye. When you swap lenses, choose an appropriate time and place, or else it might damage your lens or the sensor.

2. Keep it in the bag
Keep your camera in the bag whenever you are not on your shoots and not really planning to click more pictures, especially in the humid weather. Keeping your camera out for a long period of time, even in general weather, may cost you your camera. Cameras are too sensitive to be exposed for long.

3. Clean it regularly:
A clean camera is a key to its long life. Clean your lenses but don't be too harsh on them. Do it in the gentlest way possible. Never use a brush or a dust-off for the lens. The hidden dust might cause a scratch on the lens and boom your lens is gone. So, it is better to use a blower instead.

4. Dust off the dirt:
To clean the camera body, use a brush to dust it off. Someone who loves their camera would keep it so clean that they would be able to see their own reflection in it.

5. Don't feed your camera
A camera DOESN’T need to eat or drink. Keep your foods and liquids to yourself and keep your camera far-far away from your starving needs.

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