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Lighting in a picture is more important than anything else. The more control you have over lights, the more beautiful your picture will turn out! But what are the things you need to keep in mind before setting up the lights?
A Guide to Abstract photography
Abstract photography can be tricky as it takes a lot of creativity and vision. Even though it is a product of one’s own imagination, it still requires a few things to make it look more interesting. Even though abstract photography is beyond any rules and boundaries, here are a few tips which you can keep in mind while clicking an abstract picture
Tips to create Gorgeous Waterfall Photographs
Waterfalls have been a fascinating subject for photography over years. Every waterfall has a different story and a different scenery around it which separates them from each other. Here are a few tips through which you can add more creativity to your pictures of waterfalls.
Golden hour in Photography
As a photographer, most of us had an encounter with the golden hour and loved the results we had. If you are a beginner and still new to the concept of the golden hour you have stopped at the right place. This blog is everything you need to know about golden hour photography.
Tips for Fine art photography
Art is a way to express a lot through your creativity and passion. Photography that is related to fine arts, requires the same amount of creativity and patience. If you achieve that level, you will create extraordinary pictures through your...
Recommended camera settings for Lightning photography
Lightning is one of the most uncertain kind of photography, little camera settings can either make a great picture or it can ruin it. Make sure if you are investing your time, it is worth all the efforts. Here are a few tips which will make our lightning photography much better and worth all your time.
Tips for Maternity Photoshoot
Being a mother is very special and capturing the beautiful journey of motherhood is one of a kind experience. You can experiment with many things but in a comfortable fashion. As you are a little sensitive during pregnancy, you need to plan your shoots by keeping in mind a few things. As a photographer, you need to provide these points to your client to make the shoot smooth and easy-going.
Habits that can ruin your photography
As you move towards your journey into photography, you develop certain habits which reflect in your work. Here is a list of a few habits which you should develop and will help you deal with today's struggles of being a photographer.
Tips for Couple photoshoot

A couple photoshoot is the best way to experiment with your photography skills. As a photographer, it will give you a chance to explore different locations as well as emotions. Being a couple is building memories. Occasional photoshoots will help you have quality time with your partner and explore things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

How to collaborate with brands on Instagram?
Building a career in a creative field is not an easy task. You have to engage yourself to the audience through many mediums. Social media plays a major role in maintaining the communication between you and your audience but social media is not just for that, it can help you earn and provides you an opportunity to collaborate with brands. But how to collaborate with brands if you are a photographer, content writer, or artist? Let’s dive deep into it.
Tips for better Wildlife photographs
Wildlife Photography needs a lot of patience and hard work to get a perfect shot. Spotting the animal is an additional task in this genre. So, how to enhance your wildlife photography skills? How to capture that perfect moment of...
Must read biographies of photographers | fo2.in
Books and reading might not be your cup of tea, it is because you may not have found a good book yet. So here are some books or rather biographies of the great photographers of their time which will definitely...
Tips for Newborn Photography | fo2
Photographs of the newborns look very fascinating and charming, but there are things you need to keep in mind if you are going to capture beautiful newborn photographs. To make your job a little easier, here are some tips for...
Tips for Macro Photography
Macro photography is very unique on its own. It can give a life-like structure to the smallest of objects and Introduce us to the most detailed beauty and patterns we might not acknowledge with our naked eyes. In Macro photography,...
5 best cameras Under 1 Lakh
Looking to buy a new camera on a budget? Here we bring a list of top 5 cameras under 1 Lakh rupees and are easily available in India. These cameras are best in this budget range so choose what fulfills...
When you should convert an image into monochrome
Human eyes are made to see colors. Bright colors hold the tendency to grab the viewer's attention in a fraction of seconds. Monochrome images have a separate fan base as they seem to be more compelling and captivating to the...
Important accessories all Beginner photographer must own.
As a beginner, you might get confused about what accessories to invest in. Everyone says different things and all you get in return is being confused. Here are some accessories which are pocket friendly and will be useful to the...
Movies every photographer should watch!
In this modern world, we all indulge in different forms of art but cinema brings us all together. A story conveyed through cinema is a story that stays with us for a long time. No matter how real or dystopian...
Why is photography a good career choice?
Photography hits differently to every photographer in a good way. It evolves you as a person, as a boss, as a negotiator, and most importantly as an artist. You are entering into a world which has so much to offer...
Story Behind World's Biggest Camera Manufacturer Canon
Canon has been the most trusted brand in the photography industry for a long time. Every photographer has at least used a canon camera once in their photography career even if they are non-canon users. The brand has every kind...
Camera settings and equipment for portrait photography
Humans are the most favorite subject of any artist for ages. Portrait photography is a way to present the beauty of a person through your perspective. Humans as a subject can express a story much more effectively than a photograph...