Learn about Traditional Videography | Aashish Sharma

Meet Aashish, he is a traditional videographer and working in this industry since last 18 years. He is taking you to a journey of Importance of Traditional Videography, its pros & cons and his journey in the industry. Click on the link in our bio to watch the video.

Importance of Traditional Videography

  1. They give you a detailed documentation
  2. A great way to go back in time
  3. An activity to do with family members
  4. Tease your family members on how they used to be :D

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First shoot experience always stays with us and as you look back you realise how much you have experienced and achieved in your journey. Every shoot brings you to a new place in front of new people which might make you nervous but how to deal with it? Aashish is here to share with you 5 important tips on how to deal with issues you might face during your shoots.

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