Photographs never die | Kamaljeet Chugh

Does age really matter if you want to pursue photography?
What is a better age to start photography at?
What can be the different careers in photography when you get aged?

Late Col. Kamaljeet Chugh is here to share his experience as a photographer who started photography a little late in his life and continued to be a part of this field till he was more than 65 years old.

Most of the photographers started photography as a hobby and maybe along with some other profession. If you are just starting, you might be confused on certain points be it buying the gears, how to build a profile, or maybe earn a little. Col. Kamaljeet Chugh started his photography as a hobby when he was in the army as a Colonel and it remained a hobby for a long time. He learned photography and even won many awards in photography during his service in the army.

He later took retirement and started photography as a full-time career. He is now teaching photography in a media college. He spent many years in the field of photography and saw both the hobby and professional side of photography. He is here to help all the beginners who are confused about how to move forward in the field of photography.

In Video : Col. Kamaljeet Chugh
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Video by : Anurag Dutta | Epoch Productions
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Assisted by : Shree Ghosle & Harshita Sharma

Devices Used:
Camera: Sony A7sii
Microphone: Zoom H6
Light: Godox SL-60
Softbox: Godox 95 Octabox
Ringlight: Kodak R2 18"
Tripod: Kingjoy VT-1200

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