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The most important step in any project is to close a deal with the client. What are the Do’s and Don'ts while talking to a client? Sharing the stories from their experience, they also shared what are the responsibilities as a client. Prateek and Pawan from Lenstter are here to share insightful tips while dealing with a client.

Prateek and Pawan got the idea to start Lenstter over a cup of chai. Lenstter is a production company where they deal with the projects of weddings, music albums, fashion, travel, anything that comes their way. They are here to give you a little guidance on their niche, which is weddings. From dealing with clients to shoot to manage a wedding, they are going to guide you through everything in this video series of HOW2FO2.

In Video : Pawan Sharma & Prateek Mahant | Weddings by Lenstter
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Video by : Anurag Dutta | Epoch Productions
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Devices Used:
Camera: Sony A7sii
Microphone: Zoom H6
Lights: Godox SL-60
Softbox: Godox 95 Octabox
Ringlight: Kodak R2 18"
Tripod: Kingjoy VT-1200

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