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The most important step in any project is to close a deal with the client. What are the Do’s and Don'ts while talking to a client? Sharing the stories from their experience, they also shared what are the responsibilities as a client. Prateek and Pawan from Lenstter are here to share insightful tips while dealing with a client.

How Wedding Photographers deal with client

How to Shoot a Wedding Film

Wedding film is an important part of the once in a life-time event of your client. What are the measures you need to take while shooting a wedding film and how not to miss precious moments in the ceremony? Prateek and Pawan from Lenstter photography are here to share their experience and some tips to shoot Wedding films.

Prateek and Pawan got the idea to start Lenstter over a cup of chai. Lenstter is a production company where they deal with the projects of weddings, music albums, fashion, travel, anything that comes their way. They are here to give you a little guidance on their niche, which is weddings. From dealing with clients to shoot to manage a wedding, they are going to guide you through everything in this video series of HOW2FO2.

In Video : Pawan Sharma & Prateek Mahant | Weddings by Lenstter
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Video by : Anurag Dutta | Epoch Productions
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Devices Used:
Camera: Sony A7sii
Microphone: Zoom H6
Lights: Godox SL-60
Softbox: Godox 95 Octabox
Ringlight: Kodak R2 18"
Tripod: Kingjoy VT-1200

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