How to record Sound on Location ?| Apoorv & Shubhanshu

"If you talk to any director, they'll say music is fifty percent of the movie." - Hans Zimmer

Meet Apoorv and Shubhanshu from Dot Wav studios, they are here to give you guidance on the Importance of Audio in a film or any video. Both of them are Sound engineers and Musicians. They have been doing Live band shows all over the country with their band Beyond Horizon. They have also been a part of this industry for more than 6 years now, where they have created music for several brand Ads, Created background scores for both feature and short films. This series of How2fo2 will definitely help filmmakers to achieve better audio results.

Audio is an equal half of any video, hence an important one to pay attention to. Good quality audio can create an unforgettable experience for the viewers and make your video more realistic and relatable. Many of the budding filmmakers and sometimes the experienced ones do not pay attention to the audio which is one of the biggest mistakes they’re making. Let’s dive deep into how important Audio is.

Audio on Post

Leaving audio for post-production seems like an easy option to most of the filmmakers but what are the precautions to record audio during the shoots? What can or cannot be done during post? What are the challenges faced by Sound engineers on a daily basis? Apporv and Shubhanshu are here to answer all these questions and they will share their experience as a sound engineer at work.

Audio on Post

What it’s like to be passionate about music? What are the basic habits to develop if you want to make a career in audio? Apoorv and Shubhanshu are here to share about their journey into post audio production while discussing the basic things you need to know about how important audio is in a video.

We believe that this video series will give a few insightful tips on the Importance of Audio on Location, Audio in Post, and their journey in the field of Audio. Hope you enjoy this series. Thanks to Apoorv & Shubhanshu for bringing this topic to light and helping many filmmakers through this series.

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