How Independent Journalism Works ? | Harshita Rathore

We shot the second video of HOW2FO2 a few days ago. This time this video was probably more special for us.

Harshita is a freelance journalist. She has been in the field for just a couple of years now, but the amount of experience she has gained is surely enough to inspire many like you & me. Seeing tear gas burst next to you to watching the terror of pellet guns in Kashmir, to experiencing the horror of this pandemic, covering the stories of people affected by it. Not only has she witnessed it all, but has also worked on bringing important stories to the fore.

When we started FO2 last year, it was tough to believe that the percentage of women in this field was comparatively very less. We sincerely wanted to improve this percentage in whichever way we could. With time, we started to see it transform. While last year, only 2% of women photographers were associated with us, Today, it has slowly grown to 12%.

We know that this percentage improvement is still too less, but we believe that with Stories like Harshita & many more, we will surely be able to inspire many women to contribute their bit in this field.

Have you ever heard of photojournalist?
Many of us often consider them as a photographer or a videographer working for the news channels.
Photo journalist is a free lancer who aims to create stories out of basic human emotions. As they are not bound to any channel or group, they are free to express themselves, from their real life experiences.

The field involves a lot of creativity and responsibility at the same time.
Reason being, the shot you have taken today is never gonna repeat again in your life. The way millions will experience that event, is only and only through the Photograph that you have taken.

Basic Journalism Technique & Ethics

As a journalist what are your responsibilities and work ethics? What are the communication/conversational techniques while taking an interview? Harshita Rathore is here to guide you through her experience in the field and answer a few questions related to independent journalism.

Harshita Rathore is one such budding photojournalist.
We believe that this video series, will give a few insightful tips on the basics of journalism covering topics like What is journalism, what are the pros & cons of being in this industry, and whether you should pursue journalism? Hope you enjoy this series. Thanks to Harshita and millions of other braveheart journalists who put in their heart, blood, and soul every day to help the truth prevail.

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