How to record Sound on Location ? | Part 1 | Apoorv & Shubhanshu
Meet Apoorv and Shubhanshu from Dot Wav studios, they are here to give you guidance on the Importance of Audio in a film or any video. Both of them are Sound engineers and Musicians. They have been doing Live band shows all over the country with their band Beyond Horizon. They have also been a part of this industry for more than 6 years now, where they have created music for several brand Ads, Created background scores for both feature and short films. This series of How2fo2 will definitely help filmmakers to achieve better audio results.
Learn about Traditional Videography | Aashish Sharma
Meet Aashish, he is a traditional videographer and working in this industry since last 18 years. He is taking you to a journey of Importance of Traditional Videography, its pros & cons and his journey in the industry. Click on the link in our bio to watch the video.
How Independent Journalism Works ? | Harshita Rathore
Harshita is a freelance journalist. She has been in the field for just a couple of years now, but the amount of experience she has gained is surely enough to inspire many like you & me. Seeing tear gas burst next to you to watching the terror of pellet guns in Kashmir, to experiencing the horror of this pandemic, covering the stories of people affected by it.