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I have worked several odd jobs in the last 35 years, but photography has captured my heart in the past 18 years. My younger brother taught me how to use the camera in one week. He was quite experienced as he used to click pictures at various events. If you see my family, all three of my brothers are doing photography professionally.

After my venture in a cold drinks stall failed, I took up a job in a tours and travels company in Gurgaon, where I worked for 12 years. While working there, I travelled to various places, and that is when my love for photography kindled. To be honest, I never planned on becoming a photographer as I wanted a secure job, but somehow photography roped me in. I gained experience in photography while travelling for the tours and travels company, and then in the last 6 years, I started going solo at India Gate. I clicked pictures of tourists and earned enough to live comfortably. But things changed during the pandemic. I had no source of income, and I used up most of my savings to survive.

I started my photography career with a Fuji camera and now I own a Nikon DSLR. I own a high-end camera too, but I use it only for work at weddings and other bigger events. A few years ago, I expanded my work to Mumbai. Earlier, I had been to Mumbai and had worked there for 7 years. I saw that there were more opportunities there and the interference of police was quite less. I took my family, bought an apartment, and moved there for good. I was born and brought up in Delhi and chose the India Gate when I started as a tourist photographer. I like working in Mumbai, but working at the India Gate always remains close to my heart and I would never be able to forget about it. I still have a few properties in and around Delhi and I have a few people working at the India Gate under my supervision.

I feel that once a person is into photography that person is hooked on to it for good. The work entices you and you cannot find peace in any other job afterwards. Take it from an old-timer, if you give all your heart to photography, it would never cripple you financially. There is always work in photography.

Sandeep Verma

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