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Photography is not something that I had initially wanted to pursue as a career. It was one of the subjects I was taking at RMIT’s Art Design & Communication course in Melbourne, Australia. It naturally came to me and I started enjoying the learning process. Even moving to India was not part of the plan, yet a spontaneous decision! I had only visited a few times growing up but never lived in India before. I had come to further my studies in 2003 and started taking up assignments, growing my clientele and then never left! 

I initially started off by shooting Furniture, Products, Portrait and then fashion came in. Being a woman fashion and beauty naturally caught my eye - I was attracted to the creative process and the execution of these incredibly glamorous images! My mother was very fashionable - so that did help with when I used to design my own outfits and dresses from a young age.

I automatically fell in love with the genre and the whole drama within the world of fashion and beauty.

One thing led to the other and soon enough I was working for India’s top publications and brands and my portfolio has extended internationally over the last few years.

With a creative streak that runs through me, apart from photography, I have explored Acro Yoga, Dance, Aerial silk & Music. Everything just flows into each other providing me with inspiration in each field.

Photography is not something that is gender-biased. Working in any industry is hard and you have to carve your own space wherever you work. If you are passionate enough, nothing can stop you! You just need to stand out. The Industry might be male-dominated but it’s not like women are not getting treated equally. Let your work speak for you, not your gender.

Passion is the only thing that drives you every single day, it motivates you to go out there and show what you’ve got. After working in the industry for more than 15 years, I could say that each experience helps you define who you are.

Over the years I have received recognition for my work and it has been extremely humbling

Your Journey is something you should be proud of, whether good or bad. I still remember when I started out in the fashion industry, I was the only woman around, there were times I was welcomed and encouraged but there were also the times I was demotivated by people, as the whole industry was male-dominated.

Things worked a little differently back then. I had to reach out to potential clients by phone calls and emails, as social media hadn’t become a thing yet. I had my portfolio printed in different sizes and had to walk to studios and offices showing my work but I never thought of giving up and that drive is a big part of why I am where I am today!

India is a progressive country. People are now more open-minded. More accepting of talent despite their body color or gender.
I just want to tell all the women that “There is immense competition out there. It's not an easy task but you need to believe in yourself. Educate yourself, learn the technicalities, practice your craft and you will make a name for yourself in the industry.”

Cheers to all of you and more power to us...

- Anushka Menon

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Blog by- Harshita Sharma

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