FO2 Stage

FO2 Stage 034 | Mahesh Bhatia
I have been in the field of photography for over 40 years now. It was immediately after my graduation in 1979 that I learned photography. I didn't have the funds to undergo a proper certified course so I learned it privately from a local professor. Post that, I started a studio and ran it for around 5-6 years. My first camera was a Yashica 124G.
FO2 Stage 033 | Amarjeet Kumar Singh
I completed my graduation from Allahabad. Some of my friends were in the field of journalism and I got onto it as well. I might have been more inclined towards the writing part but my friend told me to do both. The basic reason was that even if I didn’t have a proper job, I could manage an earning through my photography. As middle class, we always have to manage our finances whenever we plan a career option.
Fo2 Stage 032 | Jai Ram Yadav

Yadavji is one of our suppliers of photographic accessories. He has come a long way from being a contractual laborer to supporting his entire family. Yadavji is a very soft-spoken, happy, and God-fearing individual. Even during the pandemic, he expanded his store when others were shutting shop. This story is an attempt to bring forth into the limelight the hardworking individuals that are working behind the scenes to bring you the best of the products.

FO2 Stage | 031 | Shyam Pyare
I have been clicking pictures since 1994. During those times, we used to use film rolls and the prints could not be done until the entire roll had been consumed. We used to tell the customers to wait for approximately 1 hour at the Gateway as we used to consume, develop the film and take prints in that hour.
Fo2 Stage | 030 | Suresh Naganathan
Photography came to me as an interest in documenting my travels. I loved clicking pictures but those pictures were not doing any justice to my vision. I started researching online, did some courses and in the process came across this genre of street photography.
FO2 Stage | 029 | Maitrav Sankhe
After knowing that I hadn't cleared the medical entrance exam, I decided to go back to my native village, Nargoal in Gujarat. Just by being near the beach, I found myself getting interested in clicking some pics. I clicked a...
FO2 Stage | 028 | Sham Verma
Hi, I am one of the 35 photographers that exist at Maheshwar. We are wholly dependant on the income generated from the tourists visiting our village and the famous fort/ghat here. In spite of not having a single case in the village here, there have been no tourists visiting from March till July. The lockdown and the subsequent fear has kept all away from this otherwise bustling place. 
FO2 Stage | 027 | Krinjal Patil
I started my photography during the lockdown. I have been into creative work for a long time and pursuing Animation as a career. Since I have been living near the beach, I have always been inclined towards silhouettes but never...
FO2 Stage | 026 | Mohit Khetrapal
Since my childhood, I always thought Photography was a hobby cultivated by foreigners and tourists. It was only 5 yrs ago when I was in XIth std that i had my 1st brush with photography. I had participated in an...
FO2 Stage | 025 | Ashish Patel
Photography has always been a part of my journey. Although, its meaning kept changing in my life. During school it was the capturing memories phase. I used to click the pictures of my friends and also self-portraits to keep with...
FO2 Stage | 024 | Raghav Rai Ralhan
Being a part of a large photographer's  community, I arrange photo walks from time to time. During one such walk, we noticed a man who was getting his ears cleaned on the street. This was quite an interesting subject for...
FO2 Stage | 024 | Jai Thakur
I remember my first encounter with photography when I borrowed a Yashica camera from a friend to shoot our picnic which by mistake I lost. I was so scared of my parents that I traveled all the way to Kalimpong...
FO2 Stage | 023 | Satya Praveen
My photography journey started in 2014 when I bought a NOKIA LUMIA 720 phone. Camera phones were not very common those days and I had this itch to make the most of all the camera features on the phone. So,...
Fo2 Stage | 022 | Kanika Gupta
Everyone has some talent and it's up to you, how much you enhance your skills, and explore your potential. Do not give up on your passion, no matter how demotivating it gets.  Keep working constantly on it and you will get through that difficult phase and shine like a Star.
Fo2 Stage | 021 | Vipin Singh
My love for photography started in Kota. Like most other students, I was preparing for JEE. I used to really enjoy clicking candid pictures of my hostel friends. So when I got into my engineering college I bought a DSLR and very soon started experimenting with it. 
Fo2 Stage | 020 | Rohit Agarwal
My photography journey started 7 years ago when me and my wife shifted to Bangalore. We started going on weekend road trips and I used to click pictures casually. I took a little more interest in photography than usual. Phone Cameras were not so good back then, so I bought a basic DSLR canon 600D to document my travels.
FO2 Stage | 019 | Mohit Naikade
My grandfather used to click a lot of pictures and he captured my childhood so beautifully through his photography skills. His love for photography didn’t fade away with his age, he used to click pictures from his Nikon film camera...
FO2 Stage | 018 | Brijal Raut
I have been doing phone photography since the beginning, when I started photography back in 2015, I had the phone with a 2MP camera and used to post the pictures on Fb & Insta. Since then, I have never stopped myself. The appreciation from people on social media has been very positive and that has kept me going on till now.
Fo2 Stage | 017 | Pooja Bisht
It was just an ordinary school trip with my friends. We went to a park where I clicked a picture of mountains reflecting in the pond. While it's normal to what most people do. But it was not the same for me. Something inside me felt so connected...
FO2 Stage |016| Nachiket Save
My interest in photography developed in the 12th standard with nature and travel as an interest. I had a Nikon camera then, which I used to carry everywhere, to click pictures and upload them on Social media. The response on...
FO2 Stage |015| Navin Vatsa
In 2014, comes the second turning point in my life where I had a realization that I'm enjoying photography and thinking of doing it professionally. I left my job at the university and turned my passion into a profession. I started practicing photography everyday and purchased my first Sony DSLR.