FO2 Stage

FO2 Stage | 068 | Swayam Jarmarwala
When I shoot something, I feel very connected and focused. I sometimes go a little overboard to get that perfect angle. I was in a fashion shoot where I was standing on a marble platform to get a good angle but failed to notice the crack on the platform. I was just clicking pictures and it broke. I held my camera tight to my chest just like a baby but ended up fracturing my leg. The kind of dedication and hard work that goes into creating a picture is unimaginable.
FO2 Stage | 067 | Sarthak Taneja

One day I was just sitting around and asked myself one question, ‘Why do I want to pursue photography?’ The only answer I could think of was ‘I want to make people happy and that’s why my Instagram page is called ‘myhappyplanet’. Whenever I used to click pictures of anyone, they used to wait eagerly for me to send them those pics. It used to make them very happy, which ultimately made me happy. Making a person happy is the toughest job and if I got to do it every single day, I was all up for it.

FO2 Stage | 066 | Aditya Khatri
My story is a little unusual from most photographers in our country. While most parents do not let their children pursue an unconventional career like photography, my parents have been very supportive of photography and always pushed me towards it...
FO2 Stage | 065 | Sourabh Joshi
My camera was a part of all my biking trips and the real love for photography was nurtured during my college years. One of my friend had a DSLR camera and I used to shoot a lot with it. After few months, I bought a digital camera that helped me build my skills. I used to practice a lot, not because I wanted to be a professional photographer, but because I was so passionate about it that I started seeing frames wherever I went. Soon enough, my camera became my best buddy.
FO2 Stage | 064 | Pooja Parikh
My journey with photography started with a digital, state-of-the-art camera I received as a present from a friend about 11 years ago. It was the perfect gift for someone who was excited about photography and had the willingness to learn what it takes to be, not just a photographer – but one with her own identity. I enrolled in a photography institute, learnt the basics, and became part of a group who would plan trips for shooting sessions. We’d click, observe, and discuss our pictures and then learn more about things by reading blogs and watching videos.
FO2 Stage | 063 | Samanvay Bhutani
I was on my office trip in Rajasthan and looking at all those beautiful colors seemed very magical to me and I started clicking pictures. I loved the process. Even though photography isn’t a strange concept to me, doing it myself was a whole new experience. I did my schooling at a boarding school in Nainital and every weekend used to be a picnic for us. I used to observe a lot of wildlife and nature around. 
FO2 Stage | 062 | Teesta Chattoraj
My love for travel and photography goes way back to my childhood. My parents used to send me to travel at least once a year. It could be camping, community service from the school or just anywhere new to explore. They always wanted me to experience different things and places. They were thrilled that I loved it too and bought me a Cybershot camera to document my travels. In no time, I’d fallen in love with photography and it felt like a part of me. 
FO2 Stage | 061 | Arnob Das
In 2010, I was at a wedding with my parents in Kolkata where I saw photographers using a Handycam and DSLRs. I was so intrigued by them. During the whole evening, I kept observing them and something made me very attracted to them. I was already documenting our journey to that ceremony and then I decided to document the ceremony too.
FO2 Stage | 060 | Aditya Bagga
I still couldn’t believe the day when I was called to Yuvraj Singh’s house. His team specifically asked to interview me in person to see how a 21-year-old can manage the situation. When I got selected to work with him, my happiness was beyond all bounds. I still get nervous whenever I shoot with him. He has such a great personality. I don’t want to make mistakes but he makes everyone in the team very comfortable. I feel so grateful every time we shoot together.
FO2 Stage | 059 | Adil Khan
My photography career commenced with  clicking passport size pictures when I was in school. My father is also a photographer and we own a studio. I used to help my dad with this kind of small work and that turned out to be my passion.
FO2 Stage | 058 | Shruti Kochar
At one of my client meetings, I was asked ‘How much do you charge for these photographs?’ I was speechless, I had no clue. I used to just click architectural photos for my passion and to help my clients. That moment was unexpected and emotional for me because it’s not easy to make your work significant enough for people to remember.
FO2 Stage | 057 | Satyam Shivhare
Like many photographers, 2020 has been a rough year for me. I got a lot of cancellations of projects. I had bought a new camera setup just before lockdown and only I know how I managed to complete the 6 month EMI.
FO2 Stage | 056 | Akshat Dev
Four years ago, when I started an ecommerce business, it was too hard to find photographers for product photoshoots.  And they were very expensive. So, I decided to buy a camera and shoot it myself. It took two months to research the most compatible camera to suit my requirements. I finally bought one and clicked more than 7000 products. Unfortunately, the business went down. But photography stayed with me.
FO2 Stage | 055 | Siddharth Arora
We, as a family, always had a camera with us whenever we travelled. When the era of digital cameras started, we decided to switch to it and after going through a lot of options, we decided to buy a Kodak one as it had a good auto mode. After that, every trip felt different. I started clicking randomly and posting those pictures to Facebook.
FO2 Stage | 054 | Manas Bhardwaj
I dropped out of school and continued my studies privately to focus on what I wanted to do. A career in sports. I am a national level Badminton champion and all I had ever planned for myself was to play Badminton. However, life had its own plans. Due to an unfortunate injury, I had to drop something which is all I ever wanted to do. After a year of bed rest and repeated consultations with several doctors, it was just an end to my dreams and plans. I was so depressed. 
FO2 Stage | 053 | Chakshu Joshi
After college, I wanted to be financially independent so I decided to take up a job. I could have looked at being a full time photographer and my family would have supported me as my dad himself is a photojournalist. However, I decided to own my decisions and don't regret them even now. I continue to travel on weekends and holidays to fulfill my passion.
FO2 Stage | 052 | Aditya Parashar
When I began, I used to believe that the more pictures you clicked, the better chances you had for the best results. But as I learned, I realized that you should be patient and give your best to click that one best shot. Do not rush for many. Wait for the perfect timing, and then proceed with your shot. There are a lot of things you learn. I am still an amateur and still figuring out my way in this industry but one thing that I know is that I love photography and that’s what keeps me motivated every day.
FO2 Stage | 051 | Yogendra Singh
After I completed my 12th in 2016, I planned to do and I sent the admission applications for the same. During the break, I thought of buying a basic DSLR just because it’s a cool thing to have, photography was never a part of the plan, I used to like the idea of it. One of my friends told me if we can go for a shoot and I had my camera so why not take chances? We shot a short film and the output was not so good.
FO2 Stage | 050 | Dhairya Bhardwaj
After I completed my graduation, I was confused about what’s next. We are mostly bound to have a cushy corporate job. Something that I did not want to be a part of. I always wanted to do something different, something meaningful. My family would have never allowed me to do just anything out of the blue, so I continued my studies in science, and also enrolled myself in a small photography course in Noida.
FO2 Stage | 049 | Sejal Gupta

My photography journey started way before I grew up. My grandfather used to be a photographer in his time and had taken even taken photos of the Royal family of Bhutan. Even though he had passed away before I was born, his stories are always told on how he used to capture things and the work he had done. My growing up years went through admiring his gears. 

FO2 Stage | 048 | Pramit Chanda
When I got my camera, I didn’t know much about photography. I was just experimenting with my gear but to my surprise, one of my pictures from that trip got published in a magazine. It boosted me up so much and made me experiment with photography even more.